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By Walker Bragman


“Why would we want to further the perception that the government cares for the needy and the elite but not for the middle class? Have we learned nothing?” - Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., on efforts in Congress to further restrict stimulus check eligibility.


  1. GOP Senators Are Trying To Gut COVID Survival Checks
  2. Trial Finds South African Coronavirus Strain Poses Reinfection Risk
  3. Wall Street Gears Up For A Second Bout Against Reddit Traders


Things were tight in America before the pandemic: 78 percent of full-time American workers reported living paycheck-to-paycheck in 2017, including nearly 10 percent of those earning $100,000-a-year.

As the newspaper owned by the world’s richest man presses to slash survival checks, a new survey finds almost two thirds of Americans drew down their retirement savings in 2020.


The Charles Schwab Corporation generated favorable headlines by announcing it would shut down its political action committee after the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. New election records show the company’s billionaire chairman, Charles Schwab, donated $2.5 million to the Senate GOP’s super PAC on November 24, as the group was working to prop up Republican incumbent senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in Georgia. Both senators publicly supported Donald Trump’s efforts to challenge the election on the campaign trail.

In the weeks after Loeffler repeatedly refused to recognize Biden as the winner of the election, the super PAC boosting her campaign received huge donations from major corporations and lobby groups, according to new federal disclosures reviewed by The Daily Poster. Those include: 7 Eleven ($75,000), The Consumer Credit Industry Association ($50,000), The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers ($100,000), Devon Energy ($250,000), Penske ($500,000), Valero ($500,000) and Chevron ($750,000).


  • CUOMO IGNORING HEALTH OFFICIALS: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo “has all but declared war on his own public health bureaucracy,” according to the New York Times. Cuomo shelved the state health department's vaccination plan and has been running New York’s vaccine program himself with his staff. The Times identified at least nine senior state health officials who have recently left their jobs.
  • DEMS HAVE THE VOTES FOR COVID RELIEF BILL: Bernie Sanders said on Sunday he believes Democrats have enough votes to pass Joe Biden’s COVID relief bill using the budget reconciliation process, and rejected the idea that the party’s lawmakers need to find Republican support.
  • WEST VIRGINIA GOVERNOR SKEWERS MANCHIN: Republican Gov. Jim Justice said Monday the government “can’t hold back” on COVID relief, and slammed the state’s Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin for trying to further limit who’s eligible for survival checks. "I don't really know exactly what the thinking could possibly be there,” Justice said. “I mean, we’ve got people that are really hurting. I mean, that’s just all there is to it.”
  • RESULTS OVER BIPARTISANSHIP: Democrats will win more by passing popular policies than clinging to bipartisanship. New research proves what should be obvious -- people actually want Democrats to govern.


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