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MIDDAY POSTER: Closing The Union-Busting Loophole

Legal reformers and unions are taking on the big law firms that want to keep their lucrative anti-labor activities secret.
MIDDAY POSTER: Closing The Union-Busting Loophole

Corporate law firms and consultants rake in hundreds of millions of dollars busting unions every year, and thanks to a legal loophole, the businesses that hire them don’t have to disclose these controversial activities. The Persuader Rule, a provision of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, a major labor reform bill making its way through Congress, would require companies to disclose when they hire union-busting law firms or consultants during union drives — but the American Bar Association (ABA), the country’s largest legal association, has long opposed the potential rule.

Now, however, in a major rebuke to the ABA, law students and young attorneys are joining forces with some of the country’s largest labor unions to declare, “It’s time to close a loophole that lets lawyers campaign against unions in secret.”

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