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MIDDAY POSTER: Big Pharma Takes Aim At AARP

Dec 1, 2021 Aditi Ramaswami
A pharma-funded dark money group is slamming the organization’s support for drug pricing reforms.
MIDDAY POSTER: Big Pharma Takes Aim At AARP
Image credit: AARP

It turns out AARP isn’t just the country’s leading advocacy organization for older Americans with a hugely successful magazine. It’s also “grown into a marketing and sales firm” that’s deeply in the pocket of UnitedHealth Group, the country’s largest health insurer. That’s according to a recent report, “How AARP Puts Profits over Patients — And Principles,” put out by a dark money group called Commitment to Seniors. But while elderly patients are in fact being thrown under the bus for the sake of corporate interests, Commitment to Seniors itself has a big role in that process.

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