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MIDDAY POSTER: “An Amazing 15 Months” (Exclusive For Subscribers)

May 13, 2021 Walker Bragman
While the pandemic devastated the country, a debt collection giant enjoyed record profits and now faces a probe over predatory loan rules.
MIDDAY POSTER: “An Amazing 15 Months” (Exclusive For Subscribers)

“The fact remains that we have had an amazing 15 months,” noted Kevin Stevenson, CEO of the debt collection giant PRA Group, during the company’s earnings call this week, indicating the coronavirus’ global upheaval and devastation has meant good business for those who profit off consumer debt.

Stevenson neglected to note one bit of bad news in PRA Group’s otherwise banner year: The company is now under federal investigation for potentially violating predatory loan rules. Learn about the probe, and much more, in today’s Midday Poster below, exclusively for subscribers.

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