Master Plan

Master Plan

The Lever’s upcoming podcast series exposes the 50-year plot to legalize corruption in America. Listen to the trailer now.

Master Plan will launch in mid-2024, but you can subscribe on your podcast player of choice and listen to the trailer right now.

Check out the trailer now:

Master Plan, a podcast by The Lever, reveals how extremists and tycoons orchestrated a system of legalized corruption in America. The first season of this series traces the untold history from the 1970s to today, showing how a small group of operatives and oligarchs used vast wealth to manipulate key U.S. government policies for personal gain at the expense of everyone else. Launching in mid-2024, MASTER PLAN is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms. For early access, ad-free episodes, and exclusive content, subscribe to The Lever at levernews.com. MASTER PLAN is narrated by David Sirota, an investigative journalist and Oscar-nominee for his work on the film Don’t Look Up. He co-produced the acclaimed MELTDOWN podcast with Alex Gibney, examining the financial crisis and its role in Donald Trump's rise. Sirota, a former speechwriter for Bernie Sanders, founded The Lever, an award-winning outlet dedicated to holding power accountable.

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