This Wednesday November 11th, The Daily Poster is hosting a subscriber-only live chat with David Sirota, former Bernie 2020 co-chair Sen. Nina Turner and Bernie 2020 pollster Ben Tulchin to look at exactly what happened in the 2020 election, and how corporate interests are trying to steal the election mandate. Turner will discuss her new Washington Post oped and Tulchin will present new data spotlighting what drove the results across the country.

Additionally, on Wednesday evening November 18th, The Daily Poster will be hosting a subscriber-only live chat with Sirota, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser about the legal challenges that tried to suppress the vote, the ongoing legal battles about the election results and the theory that legislatures could try to intervene to shift the Electoral College results.

These are events exclusively for Daily Poster subscribers, who will be able to watch the broadcasts live and ask questions in real time.

To participate, click here to become a $5-a-month or $50-a-year subscriber to the Daily Poster. Once you are a subscriber, you will get event login information via email.

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