What The Lever Reported This Week:

Private Prison Firms Set To Cash In On Immigrant Surveillance Boom Companies are salivating over a proposal to electronically track millions of people caught up in the U.S. immigration system.

Trump Wants The End Of The World As We Know It, And Corporate Media Feels FineTrump’s brazen climate denialism is being ignored or downplayed — have news outlets given up on even pretending they care about climate chaos?

LEFT WONDERING: Why Don’t We Swap Glass For Plastic? Also, what’s the best way to promote reusable shopping bags?

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Farewell, Methane Plus, organizers take on non-union automakers, an automatic voter registration program expands to the prison system, and a “Lithium Valley” bonanza bodes well for a clean-energy future.

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Stuff To Watch Or Listen To:

LEVER TIME: Sound And Fury Over Israel-PalestineDavid Sirota speaks with Washington Post columnist Shadi Hamid about the public perception and heated debates regarding the ongoing Middle East crisis.

MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: Zoolander (w/ Brian Morabito)The MVC team critiques the problematic elements of Ben Stiller’s 2001 comedy Zoolander.