What The Lever Reported This Week:

Billionaire Gifts To Thomas: Generosity Or Taxable Income?If billionaires’ largesse was designed to keep the justice on the high court, experts say the money could be considered a taxable payment.

Build Back B.S. Labor activists say a scandal-plagued construction company is taking advantage of Biden’s climate plan.

Larry Fink’s Big Climate Lie Coverage of the BlackRock CEO offers an object lesson in how not to report on greenwashing.

LEFT WONDERING: How Can You Invest In An Ethical Fashion?Plus, the best books for an introduction to politics.

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Southwest To Pay Up For Holiday MeltdownPlus, the EPA introduces limits on the toxic gas in the East Palestine disaster, Starbucks has to reopen union-busted locations, and old trees get new safeguards.

Stuff To Watch Or Listen To:

LEVER TIME: We Need To Talk About ZionismDavid sits down with Vox journalist Zack Beauchamp for a candid conversation about the complicated history of Israel’s foundational ideology.

MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: The Muppet Christmas Carol (w/ Wren Mack)The MVC team analyzes a zany adaptation of Charles Dickens’ iconic holiday story.

LEVER TIME PREMIUM: Big Tech Is “Attention Fracking” Our Brains — David speaks with Princeton professor D. Graham Burnett about our weakened attention spans and the profit driven motive causing it.