What The Lever Published This Week: 

How Your Life Savings Could Digitally Evaporate
A new banking startup lost track of peoples’ life savings and regulators are at a loss to help get it back.
Forever Chemicals Are Poisoning Your Insurance
As commercial insurers cut PFAS coverage, small businesses and consumers will swallow the cost.
License To Drill
Fossil-fueled Democrats want to use unverifiable “certified gas” schemes to undermine one of Biden’s most important climate moves.
The NBA Is Monetizing A Public Health Crisis
On Lever Time, we look at the big money and big problems tied to the rise of online sports betting.
The $220 Billion Medical Debt Problem (With Rep. Ro Khanna)
Rep. Ro Khanna unveils his plan with Bernie Sanders to wipe out more than $200 billion in medical debt.
SIROTA’S SIGNALS: America’s Biggest Ponzi Scheme
Plus, a simple fix for clean energy, how to save a half-trillion dollars, and banks repossessing wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.
YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: No More Restroom Roulette
Plus, the money tap opens for a major river, good news about crime rates, ride-share drivers catch a break, and your medical debt gets a clean bill of health.

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