What The Lever Reported This Week:

The Missing Inflation DataThe Biden administration is getting bad data and bad advice — but there’s a way out.

@BigBrother Is Following You Inside ShadowDragon, the tool that lets immigration agents track expectant mothers and online gamers.

LEFT WONDERING: Time To Rebrand Climate Change?Reintroducing Left Wondering with Joel Stein, an advice column on how to lead an ethical life in an increasingly unethical world.

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Building A Greener Tomorrow TodayBiden announces a youth climate corps, while California makes it easier to fix your gadgets and the government comes for Amazon.

Stuff To Watch Or Listen To:

LEVER TIME: The Serious Science Of Extraterrestrial Research David Sirota speaks with Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb about the controversial field of extraterrestrial research.

Top Obama-Biden Dems Lobby To Kill Wealth Tax On Country's Super Rich Julia Rock appears on Rising to discuss “Top Dems Press Supreme Court To Block Billionaire Tax.”

UAW Strike Demands Fairness for Workers While U.S. Automakers spend billions on Stock Buybacks Lucy Dean Stockton appears on the Counterpoint radio show to discuss “Automakers Hand Billions to Shareholders While Stiffing Workers.”