Stuff The Lever Reported This Week:

Landlords Are Charging You Junk Fees For Services That Screw You
Tenants are paying fees to have their credit scores lowered, among other dubious services.
Thanks To Wall Street, There Goes The Neighborhood
Lawmakers are targeting investors’ tightening grip on the single-family housing market, but a powerful new lobbying army is fighting back.
Who’s Killing Your Independent Pharmacy?
As corporate pharmacy middlemen slash reimbursement fees to independent drugstores, local Illinois pharmacists push for legislative change.
SIROTA’S SIGNALS: A Belated Admission About Bank Bailouts
Plus, a suicide crisis in college sports, and a graph that shows today’s legacy of the financial crisis.
YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: The Consumer Watchdog Catches A Break
Plus, sick leave is sticking around, Medicaid tackles climate change, criminal justice reform is helping communities, and another state aims to make Big Oil pay.

This Week’s Podcasts:

What Will It Take For Israel To End Its War?
Pulitzer Prize winner Nathan Thrall details life in the Gaza Strip and West Bank since Oct. 7 and explores what’s motivating Benjamin Netanyahu.

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