What The Lever Reported This Week:

How The Israel Lobby Silenced Democratic Dissent — After AIPAC targeted a Jewish Democratic congressman, most Dem lawmakers won’t risk pressing Israel to stop its war.

An Insurance Giant Stalls Mental Health Care Reform — As mental health advocates pushed for a bill to expand insurance coverage, Michigan’s largest insurer lobbied against it.

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Biden Approves Israel Arms Deal Despite His Own Security Order — The U.S. is supplying the weapons and munitions for Israel’s assault on Gaza, despite its new directive banning arms transfers to human rights violators.

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Chicago Workers Get Vacations — Plus, wages are going up across the auto industry, Big Oil’s hopes for an oil train run into trouble, and Michigan passes an ambitious climate plan. 

Stuff To Watch Or Listen To:

LEVER TIME: What The Sam Bankman-Fried Verdict Means For Crypto The Lever speaks with cryptocurrency critic Molly White about the criminal trial of former cryptocurrency titan Sam Bankman-Fried.

MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: Clueless (w/ Karen DiConcetto) — The MVC team unpacks Amy Heckerling’s potentially harmful consumerist satire.

VIDEO: Most Democrats Won't Criticize Israel's Right-Wing Government. This May Be Why. — Frank Cappello breaks down “How The Israel Lobby Silenced Democratic Dissent