What The Lever Reported This Week:

The Fog Of War In Israel And PalestineAs the long-running quagmire erupts into more bloodshed and destruction, we need to stop dehumanizing the conflict and acknowledge both sides’ pain and suffering.

Swamp ThingRepublicans’ temporary speaker, Patrick McHenry, received 90 percent of his campaign cash this year from lobbyists and industries he regulates — and only $856 from small donors.

A Plan To Stop The Vulture Funds Fueling Global Debt As conversations on the global debt crisis heat up, activists push New York State lawmakers to take on exploitative private creditors.

Toxic Rail SaleCincinnati voters will soon decide on whether to sell their publicly owned railroad to Norfolk Southern, the corporation behind the East Palestine derailment disaster.

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Electric Vehicles Will Be Union MadePlus, California protects restaurant employees, Vermont brings batteries home, and Biden kills junk fees.

Stuff To Watch Or Listen To:

LEVER TIME: The Fog Of War In Israel And PalestineDavid Sirota sits down with two foreign policy experts for a comprehensive discussion about the ongoing conflict in the MIddle East.

LIVE EVENT: ​​Ro Khanna On His Anti-Corruption Plan To Save CongressWatch a replay of this online chat, where paid subscribers listened live and asked questions in real time.

MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: 9 to 5 (w/ Patricia Resnick)The MVC team interviews the screenwriter of the radical pro-labor comedy.

LEVER TIME PREMIUM: Coming Of Age In American Poverty — The Lever speaks with Nikhil Goyal, former senior advisor to Senator Bernie Sanders, about his new book on the American education system.