What The Lever Published This Week:

LEVER TIME: Amazon Is Eating The Economy
In a landmark lawsuit filed last year by the Federal Trade Commission, the government accuses Amazon of long being engaged in illegal market behavior.
Climate Change Is Coming For Your Insurance
As financial safety nets collapse, regulators are letting insurers off the hook.
The Rise Of Big Oil’s Zombie Pipelines
Big Oil is fighting to limit safety protections to expedite its build-out of experimental carbon dioxide pipelines, endangering nearby communities.
The Pentagon’s 30-Year Lobbying Swindle
For decades, corporations have used taxpayer-funded fellowship opportunities to help them secure billion-dollar defense contracts.
SIROTA’S SIGNALS: Trump Could Get New Powers — With Dems’ Help
If bipartisan legislation passes and Trump wins, he’ll have new power to punish nonprofits he deems to be “terrorist supporting.”
YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Flying The Fairer Skies
Plus, employers can no longer stop employees from working for their rivals, and Big Oil loses some of its dominance over public lands nationwide.

The Lever In The News:

TheAnalysis.News — Katya Schwenk discusses government policies that enabled Boeing’s industry takeover and criminal negligence, as well as similar practices in the shipping industry that potentially played a role in a mega-ship destroying Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge. 

Redacted — Freddy Brewster discusses his reporting on how an entire year’s worth of records on U.S. military operations in the Middle East are missing.

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