What The Lever Published This Week:

Meet The New Kingpin
With the rise of Bowlero, private equity has come for bowling — will your neighborhood alley ever be the same?
A Corporate Poisoner Two-Steps Out Of Its Toxic Liability
A Koch-owned company is exploiting bankruptcy law to avoid responsibility for their asbestos assets and rewrite judicial precedent.
The Exxon Climate Scientist Who Couldn’t Clean Up Its Act
Amid accountability lawsuits and mounting public outcry, a prominent climate expert on ExxonMobil’s board is throwing in the towel.
YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Breaking News — Local Journalism Lives
Plus, a new court ruling could prevent a financial crisis, California curbs a corporate housing grab, and a ticketing conglomerate faces the music.

Stuff To Listen To:

The Lunch-Meat Mafia
An inside look at how a corrupt billionaire butcher family ended up controlling the country’s meat supply.
What Will It Take to Defeat Ticketmaster?
Today on Lever Time, a musician and an antitrust expert debate whether a potential breakup of Ticketmaster and Live Nation would really improve an inequitable music industry.