From Mississippi to Massachusetts, this week The Lever revealed how some of the country’s most basic infrastructure — our water systems and electric grids — are being used by Wall Street and investors as their own personal ATM machines, threatening people’s ability to use their own tap water and build environmentally resilient infrastructure.

The Lever team also revealed how the GOP is keeping citizen initiatives off ballots, crushing popular demand for higher taxes on the wealthy and expanded public health insurance. Also, we uncovered a last-minute dark money campaign with ties to Saudi operatives, revealed how GOP governors are raising money off migrant abuse, and exposed how a “charitable” chef is suppressing worker pay.

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Stuff The Lever Reported This Week:

Wall Street Is Behind Jackson’s Water Crisis — “The situation underscores how Wall Street works to prevent governments from fixing their public works and contributing to an infrastructure crisis nationwide.”

In Massachusetts, An Undercover Climate Foe “Utility companies in the liberal stronghold are using regulated monopoly profits to shape and derail environmental efforts.”

How The GOP Is Suppressing Citizen Lawmaking“‘Citizen-led ballot initiatives have ushered progressive policies into red states — but now such efforts are under attack.”

Meet The Saudi Lobbyist Targeting John Fetterman“A dark-money-funded super PAC helmed by a registered lobbyist for Saudi Arabia’s dictatorship is airing attack ads targeting Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman in the closing stretch of the election.”