What The Lever Published This Week:

New Bipartisan Bill Allows Military Contractors To Fleece Taxpayers
After donating millions to key lawmakers, military contractors scored two provisions in an upcoming Pentagon funding bill allowing them to continue overcharging the government.
Arms Dealers Shoot Down Accountability
The country’s top weapons manufacturers rejected shareholder motions to expose their emissions policies and human rights practices.
Corporations Are Weaponizing Free Speech To Wreck The World
Companies are exploiting the First Amendment to undermine rules that protect consumers and deter corruption.
Could These Fraud Allegations Land Boeing In A Criminal Trial?
After aircraft failures and employee complaints, Boeing could face charges over two fatal crashes.
YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: A New Era For The Nation’s Grid
Plus, Big Oil gets hit for deceptive practices, environmental cleanup sites will become community hubs, and Minnesota shuts down prison gerrymandering.

This Week’s Podcasts:

Credit Card Companies Want To Keep You In Debt Forever
This week on Lever Time, a former Capital One employee gives us an inside look at the company’s manipulative tactics to keep you in debt.