After exposing a historic dark money donation, this week The Lever zeroed in on initiatives that can force dark money groups to disclose their donations and encouraged other news outlets to speak out together. In Rolling Stone, we broke down how to close tax loopholes that subsidize billionaire donations and provided a comprehensive roadmap for reform. In The Guardian, we analyzed how and why media outlets should step up their advocacy for stronger dark money disclosure laws.

In keeping with our work shedding light on matters that have long been kept in the dark, this week we also reported on a little-known but major player in the U.S. health care system that determines who gets access to life-saving medication. Moreover, we examined the machinations of the military-student-debt complex, exposed new outcry over Biden’s Department of Justice targeting student debtors, and revealed how Rhode Island Treasurer Seth Magaziner’s pro-Wall Street investment strategy is now helping his congressional campaign.

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