What The Lever Published This Week:

The Lie Banks Use To Protect Their Late-Fee Profits — Corporations think they’re entitled to sky-high profits, and it’s destroying the economy.

Fossil Fuel Cash Is Fracking Democrats' Climate Support — After Biden paused liquid natural gas exports, fossil fuel-backed Democrats have worked to undo the climate win.

The Supreme Court Case Designed To Legalize Bribery Snyder v. United States could make it legal for public officials to accept rewards for their corrupt actions.

Sirota’s Signals: Protecting Yourself From The Great Bank Robbery Plus, credit card predators hit an obstacle, the Biden admin waives ethics rules for a former Boeing official, and SCOTUS justices face questions about their taxes.

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: The Real Estate Cartel Takes The L Plus, immigrants catch a break in some states, Delaware tightens gun control, and federal regulators combat cancer at the source.