The inaugural address of Gustavo Petro, Colombia’s newly elected leftist president, was full of force and provided a clear-eyed vision for tackling the climate crisis. “If it is so difficult to get the money… to save [the Amazon], then I propose an exchange of foreign debt for domestic spending to save and recover our jungles, forests, and wetlands for humanity,” he declared on August 7.

His words — highlighted in English translation below — are worth considering in tandem with The Lever team’s “Lever Live” conversation this week with Kate Aronoff on the future of the climate movement. During the live event, Kate noted, “The Biden administration since the beginning has basically kept track with the ‘all of the above’ energy policy proposed by the Obama administration, which says that we can build up clean energy and dirty energy at the same time.”

In addition, The Lever team exposed how Dr. Oz is boosting a Medicare privatization plan that would take money from workers and help health care companies that he invests in, plus they revealed how the “populist” Senate candidate J.D. Vance is aiming to use a notorious tax loophole to his own advantage.

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