What The Lever Published This Week:

Where Nursing Homes Hide Their ProfitsWhile industry leaders plead poverty to fight a proposed staffing standard, private equity owners are funneling cash into their affiliated real estate and management firms.

A Water Wrongdoer’s RevengeA California lawmaker wants to dismantle Clean Water Act protections that he was fined for violating.

Pfizer’s Massive Tax DodgeThe pharma giant previously received billions in federal funding and raked in huge profits, but owes nothing in 2023 income taxes thanks to legal loopholes and Trump-era tax cuts.

Exxon Declares War On Its DissentersThe fossil fuel giant is suing investors to intimidate them from ever trying to influence corporate decisions.

SIROTA’S SIGNALS: Ted Cruz Is A Corruption Cartoon Plus, JPMorgan screams the quiet part about health care, Larry Hogan feels the heat from The Lever, and SCOTUS gets even more corporate.

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Protecting The Youngest WorkersPlus, signs of hope emerge in the WikiLeaks case, retirement savings land in better hands, the power grid gets more reliable, and transgender people could score safer workplaces.

The Lever In The News:

NPR’s Morning Edition — The Lever’s Lucy Dean Stockton appears on the NPR show Morning Edition to discuss Maryland’s former gov. Larry Hogan’s role in the Baltimore port disaster.

Al Jazeera’s Counting The Costs — Stockton speaks to Al Jazeera to shed further light on the Baltimore disaster (the segment begins around 17:30 in the video).

BradCastThe Lever’s Helen Santoro explains how former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan ignored repeated warnings on bridge safety as he pushed to expand Baltimore’s port.

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