What The Lever Published This Week:

Pharma’s Dems Are Doing Trump’s Dirty Work On Drug Pricing — As the first-ever Medicare drug-price negotiations take shape, Big Pharma-backed Democrats want to limit the number of costly medicines regulators can target.

Pharma’s Secret Middlemen Are Poisoning Health Care — Following a lobbying blitz, Congress might punt all efforts to stop shadowy pharmacy benefit managers from inflating drug prices and killing small pharmacies.

Banks Want To Protect Their Junkiest Junk Fee Banks are fighting a rule that would stop predatory fees they claim they don’t even charge.

The Killer-Sunshine State A state effort to outlaw workplace heat-protection standards is a preview of what will happen as the GOP’s war on workers collides with our climate reality.

Sirota’s Signals: How Much Does Microsoft Know? Plus, conservatives declare war on “recreational sex,” lawmakers may hide their NFL handouts, and Larry Summers mimics the hot dog guy.

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: An End To The Judge Shopping Spree Plus, Apple’s favorite repair restriction may soon be banned, college athletes score a historic labor win, and the tide may be turning on anti-LGBTQ bills.