What The Lever Published This Week: 

The Unknown Toll Of The AI Takeover
As artificial intelligence guzzles water supplies and jacks up consumers’ electricity rates, why isn’t anyone tracking the resources being consumed?
Big Oil’s Plan To Criminalize Pipeline Protests
Fossil fuel companies and trade groups are using essential pipeline safety legislation to further criminalize pipeline protests.
New Data: Longer Trains Raise Derailment Risk, But Regs Are Stalled
While funneling campaign cash to lawmakers, rail lobbyists convinced Biden officials to brush off workers’ demand for safety limits.
The World After Billionaire Media
David Sirota and Semafor’s Ben Smith dig into the journalism crisis and find signs of hope.
Live Event Replay: To Vote Or Not To Vote In 2024
Watch our discussion on the strategic value of voting.
It’s Always Sunny For Clean Energy
Plus, a judge rejects a fossil-fueled lawsuit, the IRS keeps going after the rich, shots are fired against a deadly disease, and cannabis convictions vanish.

The Lever In The News:

  • GristThe climate publication republished our story on how insurers are weaseling their way out of PFAS liability issues.