This is Lever Weekly, a recap of our work from the past week. If you only read one email from us all week, this should be it.

What The Lever Reported This Week:

Profits And Payouts Over Passenger SafetyFor decades, Boeing chose shareholders and executives over workers and production quality — to the tune of $69 billion.

Blinken Stranded After Davos By Boeing, His Old ClientThe Secretary of State previously advised the airline manufacturer; on his return from the World Economic Forum, he ran into one of its troubled 737 planes.

How Fossil Fuels Found Their InfluencersEdelman, the world’s largest PR firm, used its authoritative research on consumer trust to help fossil fuel companies fight climate action.

“Worthy Of The Top Honor In American Journalism”An award-winning investigative journalist contextualizes The Lever’s critical reporting on Boeing.

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Gig Workers Score Employee RightsPlus, a major airline merger won’t take off, methane leaks get plugged, and a toxic railway project gets waylaid.

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Stuff To Watch Or Listen To:

LEVER TIME: Trump Won Iowa – Can He Beat The Supreme Court? David Sirota speaks with longtime Republican Krista Kafer, one of the plaintiffs in the Colorado lawsuit that resulted in Donald Trump being removed from the state’s presidential ballot. 

Live Event Replay: The Boeing Disaster With Matt Stoller & William McGeeIn an online live event, David Sirota and two experts discussed the Boeing debacle and took questions directly from readers.

Nikki Haley Allegedly HELPED BOEING AVOID Safety Oversight, Whistleblowers IGNORED — Rising features The Lever’s recent Boeing reporting.