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LEVER TIME: There’s No Duty To Protect (also, Judd Apatow On George Carlin)

Jun 1, 2022 David Sirota
Our first weekly podcast looks at insane Supreme Court rulings telling cops they don’t have to save kids being massacred at school.
LEVER TIME: There’s No Duty To Protect (also, Judd Apatow On George Carlin)

In the inaugural episode of our new weekly podcast Lever Time, we review how the Uvalde massacre illustrates insane Supreme Court precedents that allow police departments to refuse to save children, even when they are being gunned down at school.

In addition:

• We report on children now waging an underdog battle through the legal system — and against the Biden administration — to create a constitutional right to survive the climate apocalypse.

• We talk to renowned director and comedian Judd Apatow about his new HBO documentary on the political legacy of George Carlin — one of the few comedians to call out systematic corruption.

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