🎧 MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: Judas and the Black Messiah (w/ Ryan Christian)

🎧 LEVER TIME: The Midterm Shellacking That Never Was (w/ Krystal Ball)

Nov 9, 2022 Frank Cappello
On this week’s Lever Time: David runs through the midterm election results with The Lever’s reporters; and speaks with political analyst Krystal Ball about big-picture takeaways.
🎧 LEVER TIME: The Midterm Shellacking That Never Was (w/ Krystal Ball)

In the new episode of our  weekly podcast Lever Time: It’s the day after the midterm elections! David Sirota and The Lever’s entire reporting staff break down all the key takeaways, including the big progressive wins, the stunning MAGA losses, the victories for abortion rights, the surprising exit poll data, and the important ballot measures that passed.

In addition, David is joined by Krystal Ball, co-host of Breaking Points, for a big-picture conversation about the election results. David and Krystal discuss shifting electoral trends, what the next two years of Biden’s presidency might look like, and what it all could mean for the 2024 presidential election.

Click here for a rough transcript of the episode.

BONUS: Lever Time Premium, our extended weekly podcast for supporting subscribers, David is joined by journalist Eli Clifton, who recently reported on how a lobbyist for the Saudi Arabian government and former U.S. Senator is also running one of the Republican Party’s largest super PACs.

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