In the new episode of our weekly podcast Lever Time: David interviews human rights attorney Steven Donziger, the man who successfully sued Chevron for polluting the Ecuadorian rainforest, and as a result was placed under house arrest for nearly 1,000 days. This segment begins at 34:58.

In addition:

  • David discusses Biden’s pattern of inaction in the midst of a global heatwave. This segment begins at 2:20.
  • David speaks with journalist Laura Krantz about her new narrative podcast series, Wild Thing: Going Nuclear, which explores the history and potential future of nuclear energy. This segment begins at 14:00.

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BONUS: Lever Time Premium (the extended version of Lever Time which is exclusively available for supporting subscribers) The Lever’s Julia Rock and Matthew Cunningham-Cook discuss the open letter signed by 165 Biden and congressional staffers demanding that the Biden administration use more aggressive tactics to pass climate legislation. This segment begins at 1:02:00.

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