John Roberts’ Revolution

John Roberts’ Revolution

The Supreme Court is trying to repeal the entire 20th century. Here’s how it happened.

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In 2005, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce lawyer who had helped George W. Bush steal an election was nominated to be chief justice of the United States Supreme Court. An archconservative lauded as “the go-to lawyer for the business community,” John Roberts was confirmed by a huge bipartisan Senate vote.

Since then, Roberts has been widely billed by corporate media as a thoughtful and pragmatic moderate earnestly fighting against other conservative justices to preserve the court’s legitimacy. But as The Lever’s reporting has documented, this tale is a ruse.

Roberts is no victim — behind his soft-spoken persona and his sunny smile is the perpetrator of a judicial coup that has commandeered the government. This far-reaching jurisprudential revolution is repealing the 20th century and laying waste to America.

In the first of our Lever Reader e-book series, we weave together years of original reporting and new expert Q&As to explore all aspects of the Roberts Revolution:

  • How the Roberts Court has turned the judicial branch into a corporate weapon crushing workers, consumers, retirees, and the environment.
  • How John Roberts legalized rampant corruption, in the process building a political system that routinely delivers the extremist laws and rulings that culminated in the judicial coup.
  • How the Roberts Revolution fulfilled the American right’s 50-year crusade to repeal federal protections for reproductive rights — and how Democrats have refused to use their power to counter this revolution.
  • How Democrats could counter the Roberts Revolution — if they decided to use their power.

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