For weeks, The Daily Poster has been focusing on where the real corrupting money in politics is — it’s not in relatively small corporate PAC donations, it is in dark money and super PAC donations from corporate executives. We’ve specifically reported on ways public pension official controlling trillions of dollars can expose and shut down this money — and now, there’s very big news today that some of them are starting to take action.

This is the kind of reporting we do — we follow the money and hold politicians accountable. But we are grassroots-funded and cannot do this kind of work without your help.

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I want you to take a look at this link to see how our reporting brings pressure on both parties — you’ll see the successes we’ve had. But here’s an admission: This work is risky.

Last week, we broke some news about Democrats kowtowing to the health insurance industry, and we lost some subscribers who were mad that we dared to report something negative about Democrats. We’ve also recently broken a big story on a GOP slush fund of corporate cash, and that made others mad at us.

We are not going to back down, but it shows you how tough it is to do accountability journalism in this environment. It’s the kind of reporting that not only elicits a backlash from some people, it also takes a lot of time and resources.

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