Last week, we were the first to publish a report on how congressional Democrats could try to stop a Trump Supreme Court pick. While others have thrown up their hands and surrendered, we have continued that reporting all week. Now, there are now signs that the message is starting to break through in a big way, so we are trying to expand our coverage as quickly as possible.

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Look at what’s happened in the last week: amid the drumbeat, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has gone from preemptive surrender to actually invoking some rules to try to slow down the process. After we were credited for breaking this big story last night, Republican senators are this morning saying they are concerned they may have to stay in Washington, off the campaign trail because they may have a battle on their hands.

I’m not sure where this is all going — but one takeaway here is that the pressure on Democrats to fight is having an effect. So keep making those calls.

Another takeaway is that accountability journalism works. As a grassroots-funded media outlet, we are doing the kind of reporting that the corporate-owned media refuses to do — and it is having real results. Obviously, our work is not the only thing that’s helping — but clearly it is a factor.

We want to do as much hard-hitting coverage of the Supreme Court fight and the 2020 election as possible. We want to hire more reporters to expand our accountability journalism. To do that, we need as many free subscribers to go to to become supporting subscribers.

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