The big day is finally here — we have officially changed our name from The Daily Poster to The Lever, and we have launched our brand-new expanded website at Go check it out (and please mark this email from as “not spam” in your email system).

REMINDER: You don’t have to do anything or take any action — nothing changes about your subscriber status. You will still get our daily reporting in your inbox (albeit under a new name), and as a supporting subscriber, you will still have all the same exclusive privileges. You can access your subscriber account here, and if you have any questions, please send them to

Watch our new video about our expansion (and subscribe to our new YouTube channel while you’re at it):

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As part of our expansion, we are launching a new monthly virtual happy hour exclusively for our supporting subscribers. You will get to converse with and interrogate our staff — and yell at me.

Our first happy hour will be this Thursday 3/24 at 7 pm ET (4 pm PT). You’ll chat with The Lever’s reporters and editors about our expansion, we’ll get your input on our future coverage, and I’ll give you my fish-out-of-water take on what it’s like to be in Los Angeles right now in the lead-up to this weekend’s Academy Awards.

The Lever’s mission is straightforward:

We believe a functioning democracy requires a vibrant independent media and aggressive reporting, rather than corporate media promoting propaganda.

We believe fearless subscriber-supported journalism can create leverage that forces politicians and corporations to fulfill their promises.

To paraphrase Archimedes: We believe that with a strong enough lever, we can help move the world.

Thank you for being part of the team that is making this expansion possible. We absolutely could not do this without you. Together, we are building a new kind of media outlet — one that is supported by readers and focused on holding the powerful accountable.

Stay tuned for more news on this expansion in the coming weeks!

Rock the boat,

David Sirota

Editor In Chief

The Lever

P.S. Special thanks to Ryan Singel at Outpost and Norbert Hunyadi at Biron Themes for building the site, as well as Rick Griffith at MATTER Design Studio studio for designing the concepts for our new name, logo, and website. (And if you notice any glitches on the website, please let us know at