We’re right now on the verge of having enough resources to bring on new reporters and create a new freelance fund for TMI — so here’s my ask:

Can you click here and become a supporting subscriber?

If you want to understand why this is important, just see our recent work: in just the last week, one of our big stories shamed a Republican state government into change its Covid reporting, and another investigation proved that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s corporate-written provisions were just pasted into Senate Republicans’ new pandemic bill. And we’ve got another set of scoops coming soon.

These are stories that corporate- and billionaire-owned media don’t focus on — which is why we are building this grassroots-funded model of journalism. To do this reporting, we need sustainable resources — which means we need as many monthly and annual paying subscribers as possible.

And here’s the other thing: when you become a supporting subscriber, you get all sorts of exclusive subscriber-only content.

So please, go to and pitch in.

I know that when we hear the term “media,” we think of a system where we just sit here waiting for corporate- and billionaire-owned outlets to hopefully once-in-a-while do a good story. But in these crazy times, we’re going to have to build a new model that is far more aggressive and far more independent. That’s what we’re doing with this project — and it is having real success.

Help us continue doing impact reporting — and create a model of truly independent journalism that scrutinizes the power of corporations, billionaires and both parties’ establishments.

Thanks for considering this request.