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help us expose the crime spree

Jun 25, 2020 David Sirota
help us expose the crime spree


There’s a corporate crime spree happening in America and if you’ve been reading TMI, you know that we’ve been exposing stories of corruption that are being ignored or downplayed by corporate-owned media. We’re trying to expand this work because it is making a real impact — so we really need your help, and I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important:

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Take a look at the stories we’ve been breaking over the last month and you’ll see journalism that’s committed to challenging power. This is the kind of reporting that needs grassroots funding, because billionaires and corporations have no interest in covering the crimes of billionaires and corporations.

Grassroots funding means we need as many monthly and annual subscribers as possible, so that we can hire more reporters and commission more reporting.

Please consider becoming a monthly or annual subscriber at sirota.substack.com/subscribe

Thanks so much for considering this request — we’re working as hard as we can to build a grassroots model for journalism.

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