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A corporate front group called No Labels is leading a $70 million campaign to give Americans a centrist third-party choice for president because, they claim, people “clearly desire an alternative to what our political system is giving them.”

The idea of a third-party alternative to Joe Biden or Donald Trump sounds nice. But No Labels’ 2024 agenda, funded by unnamed billionaires and other wealthy people, offers no respite from the corrupt, failing two-party duopoly that directs more and more wealth upwards and rarely solves problems — and would only intensify corporate interests’ power over politics and policy.

Whom No Labels chooses to promote and partner with makes this point clear.

Last week, the dark money group highlighted its “Common Sense” agenda at a New Hampshire town hall with coal baron Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who has worked closely with No Labels and big business to block key progressive policies throughout Biden’s presidency.