In the new episode of our weekly podcast Lever Time, David Sirota is joined by the reporting team whose blockbuster story just exposed the largest political donation in U.S. history$1.6 BILLION — and how it went to Leonard Leo, the man responsible for packing the Supreme Court with right-wing extremists (3:34).

David is also joined by The New Yorker's Elizabeth Kolbert to discuss her reporting tracing how some top Republicans used to accept climate science — but then the GOP was bought by fossil fuel companies and became the party of climate denial (47:47).

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BONUS: Lever Time Premium, our extended weekly podcast for supporting subscribers, features the best moments from this past week’s Lever Live with special guest Adam McKay. David and Adam spoke about what it feels like to be living through an era of American politics that feels eerily similar to their movie Don’t Look Up (1:06:58).

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