We’ve got some very exciting news to share: Our “educational” podcast The Audit will be returning on December 12th with its second mini-season. This time around, hosts Dave Anthony and Josh Olson will be joined by a new study buddy: the one-and-only Senator Nina Turner! Nina is a former Ohio State Senator, U.S. Congressional candidate, and one of the fiercest progressive voices in modern politics.

On The Audit, Dave, Josh, and their study-buddy audit a variety of supposedly educational products created by noxious political figures and boil them down to the good stuff. By which they mean… the bad stuff.

This season, the study group will be auditing the David Axelrod & Karl Rove MasterClass on campaign strategy and messaging. Yes, Barack Obama and George W. Bush’s chief campaign strategists got together to make a quick buck shilling their neoliberal BS on MasterClass — and now The Audit’s study group will sit through the entire thing and ruthlessly tear it to pieces.

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On top of all that, The Lever’s supporting subscribers will receive early access to The Audit’s entire second mini-season on December 12th, ahead of its weekly releases. The Audit’s premium version will also include additional content, including deep-dive conversations between the study group.

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Introducing… Lever Premium Podcasts

We have another very exciting announcement: On December 12, the Lever Time Premium podcast feed will become Lever Premium Podcasts, the home for all of The Lever’s premium audio content, exclusively available for The Lever’s supporting subscribers. Lever Premium Podcasts will be where you can access all of our subscriber-only podcasts, including the premium versions of Lever Time and The Audit.

How do I access Lever Premium Podcasts?

  • If you’re a supporting subscriber who has already activated their Lever Time Premium account: You don’t have to do anything. The Lever Time Premium feed will automatically change into Lever Premium Podcasts on December 12.
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We’re so excited to be adding more exciting content to The Lever’s podcast network. We truly couldn’t do this work with the support of our subscribers, so from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you!

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