In the new episode of our weekly podcast Lever Time, we share The Lever’s interview with Amazon Labor Union (ALU) president Chris Smalls, who helped organize the first-ever union at an Amazon warehouse in the U.S. David and the team spoke to Chris about his experience testifying before Congress, his #HotLaborSummer tour, and the future of the ALU (this segment begins at 52:51).

In addition:

  • David speaks with historian Harvey Kaye and journalist Robert Kuttner about how Joe Biden will need to “go big” with his policy proposals in order to salvage his presidency and stave off rising fascism in the United States, in the same way as FDR (this segment begins at 9:10).
  • David sat down with Lucas Kunce, who’s running in the Democratic primary for Senate in Missouri, and whose working class politics are the driving force behind his campaign (this segment begins at 29:53).

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