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can you pitch in?

May 21, 2020 David Sirota
can you pitch in?


Like so much of the economy, the journalism industry is being decimated by layoffs. This is terrible for our democracy, which needs a vibrant free press. To preserve and rebuild that free press, we are going to need to discard the billionaire- and corporate-funded model.

We need grassroots-funded media, which is why I am asking you to click here to pitch in and support this project.

If you’ve been reading TMI, you know we are breaking open important stories — and having a real impact. Thanks to paying subscribers, we’ve been able to bring on investigative journalist Andrew Perez. And if we can get a few hundred more subscribers, we are going to be able to further expand what we are doing — which will help us make even more of an impact.

I know times are tough right now — but if you are in a position to become a monthly or annual subscriber, I hope you’ll go to sirota.substack.com/subscribe and pitch in.

You will be helping us expand what we are doing, at precisely a moment when we need hard-hitting reporting.

I’ve worked in politics and media for 20 years. I try not to ask folks to pitch in unless it is really important. I truly believe grassroots-funded media is crucial right now, which is why I’m asking for your help.

Thanks for considering this request — and for helping create the media we so desperately need.

Rock the boat,


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