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That’s the kind of accountability journalism that is becoming increasingly rare. Recenlty, a hedge fund called Alden took control of one of the largest newspaper chains in America. Alden is a soulless vulture capitalist fund that only cares about squeezing as much profit as it can from news outlets. In a six-year period, Alden cut staff at many of its papers by 75 percent.

NPR explained the ramifications of this, noting that “Alden's cost-cutting measures made it much harder for journalists to expend the time and resources needed to hold public officials, corporations and other major players accountable through solid reporting.”

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news: We are working harder than ever to ensure major players are still being held accountable — and you can see our work’s impact.

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Since Monday, our team has broken 11 huge scoops. We uncovered how Lyft and Uber’s political connections are hurting gig workers, how big businesses are funding anti-voting rights efforts despite promises not to, and how the pharma billionaires want to shield their empire from punishment for the opioid crisis.

Most fittingly, we exposed how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now using his ownership of The Washington Post to whitewash his corporation's shady employment practices. That’s the sort of story corporate media wouldn’t cover.

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