Earlier this week we released The Citizens’ Guide To Holding The Powerful Accountable — and it is getting truly rave reviews. So I just wanted to remind you that it is  available at a special big discount to all of our free subscribers only until the end of the week.

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Get The Citizens' Guide At A Discount

One top journalist said the guide is “a super valuable resource.” Another said he spent four years in journalism school “and I didn't get a single class on anything in this guide — genuinely can't thank Daily Poster enough for publishing this.” And the Washington Post’s top political reporter has saidThe Daily Poster became a must-read in a hurry.”

Meanwhile, a top staffer at Joe Biden’s polling firm attacked us for publishing the guide — which isn’t surprising, because the guide is all about how regular folks can follow the money and hold politicians of both parties accountable.

Apparently, this is the Citizens’ Guide that the president’s political aides don’t want anyone to read — which, of course, is exactly why you should click here and read it.

Here’s the cool thing: When you click here to use this special discount link to become a subscriber, you not only get the new guide, you are helping directly fund a team of journalists holding the powerful accountable. Additionally, you also get access to our podcasts, our exclusive content, and our live events — including tonight’s.

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Remember: The discount off the Citizens’ Guide and the full subscription are only available through the end of the week, so use it right now, and then join us tonight for the celebration.

Get The Citizens' Guide At A Discount

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