In the last week, we’ve broken the story of the Biden White House lifting its health care plan from insurance lobbyists and preserving ethics loopholes - and we published a widely read Newsweek cover story about the new administration. This followed our investigative reporting on the money behind the GOP insurrection.

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Our reporting has elicited some anger, threats and bullying from those who believe the press must sit down and shut up. We will not be intimidated. As we articulated this week here, we believe journalism must follow the money, hold power accountable and scrutinize BOTH parties. As you can see here, we’ve continued to break big stories about Republican corruption, and we will continue to cover the new Biden administration - whether Democrats like that or not.

This is not an easy time to do the work of journalism - after 4 years of Trump, many in our country believe the media should shill for one party or the other. There are ugly attempts to silence, bully and intimidate the fewer and fewer outlets committed to journalism that challenges power, regardless of party.

The Daily Poster does reporting that combats right-wing authoritarianism and also holds the Democratic Party accountable to its promises. We are able to do this work because we are not bankrolled by corporations or billionaires. But because we are grassroots funded, we cannot do this work without your help.

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