When we started TMI, we pledged to do hard-hitting journalism that scrutinized both parties, and this week has proven the success of that vision — and now we really need your help.

In just the past few days, we’ve broken big stories about a Wall Street scandal in Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky, Joe Biden making promises to his big donors, Andrew Cuomo shielding health care execs during Covid and the Pentagon subsidizing corporate lawbreakers.

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I don’t love having to ask for support — because I know times are tough out there and I’d rather be doing the work of reporting on corruption. But I also know that corporate- and billionaire-owned media will never consistently scrutinize the power of corporations and billionaires — and so that’s why we are working so hard to build a model of grassroots-funded journalism. It is a model of journalism that doesn’t rely on a few huge donations, but instead relies on many small contributors.

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