If you’ve been reading TMI, you know the kind of work we are doing. It’s hard hitting, and focused on the kinds of stories that too often get short shrift in our media — so I have a request:

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In just the first few weeks, we’ve spotlighted a stealth Republican scheme to fleece millions of workers and done a deep dive on how the government may end up subsidizing pharma profiteering off a COVID treatment. We’ve also exposed the hypocrisy of a new health care industry ad campaign; we’ve explored how right-wing media has spread deadly misinformation about the pandemic; and we’ve reported on how a top Biden adviser has been campaigning against major progressive economic proposals.

We are expanding the project — we’ve brought on investigative journalist Andrew Perez, and we are producing some exclusive content for paying subscribers, as a thanks for pitching in (here’s an example). We’re going to be expanding some of the subscriber-only stuff — including an upcoming “Ask Me Anything” with myself and Andrew.

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I certainly know times are really tough right now. That’s especially true in media, where independent journalism is suffering. That’s actually why I started this project — because the old funding models don’t necessarily work. I believe one of the only sustainable ways to do journalism is to build grassroots support for it.

That’s what we are doing with this project, and I hope you’ll consider supporting it.

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