It is Saturday morning, a brief moment of quiet in a noisy world of information overload. Righteous protests fill our streets, rage fills our social media feeds and propaganda blasts at us from our televisions — all while we try to take care of the kids, make ends meet and somehow remain sane.

I just wanted to take this brief moment of quiet here at my kitchen table to say thank you — thank you for reading, thank you for sharing our work with your friends, and thank you for all the input and feedback. And if you haven’t already, I hope you will consider going to to become a supporting subscriber — because we are aiming to expand.

In the first two months of this project, we have had some big successes — including this week, in our reporting on how corruption and greed has worsened the pandemic emergency.

As the American Prospect wrote yesterday, the journalism work we do “dares to go into hidden corners to expose deceit, for which we should all be grateful.”

None of this would be possible without your support. Indeed, because many of you have been willing to pitch in — whether as an annual subscriber or a monthly subscriber — we have been able to build out what we are doing. We’ve brought on investigative reporter Andrew Perez and we’ve forged a partnership with Jacobin magazine. We have subscriber-only content (you’ll get the weekly must-reads tomorrow morning, as always!). And we have other plans to expand in the works.

The point is simple: whether you are a supporting subscriber or just helping spread the word about our work, your support is making a real difference.

We know the old model of journalism is dying — and we know that corporate- and billionaire-funded media will never consistently scrutinize corporations and billionaires. Your willingness to support this project is helping us do our part to build a different kind of model — grassroots-funded journalism that challenges power.

Thank you so much for being part of this effort — in these dark and crazy times, we all must try to do our part to build a better future. That’s what we are trying to do here.


Rock the boat,