Many of you have asked what else you can do to pitch in to help us hire more reporters and hold more politicians accountable. We now have one part of the answer: You can pitch in extra using our new tip jar here.

The tip jar accepts both credit cards and PayPal accounts.

All of our stories will now include a link to the tip jar. When you see a story you like, when you enjoy one of our podcasts or live chats, or when you just want to offer a bit more support for our work, please use it.

If you feel inspired to throw in a bit more right now because of all the stories we've broken open over the last few weeks, please click here and go for it! Every extra dollar you throw in goes to helping us do more reporting.

Let me add: Whether or not you use the tip jar, thank you for being part of The Daily Poster team as a subscriber. I've said it before and I will say it again: We could not do this work without your ongoing support.


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P.S. We should have a option soon that will once again let you give gift subscriptions to friends and family. Stay tuned for that!

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