Today is Festivus — the day when we air grievances. But instead of doing that, I just wanted to express an end-of-the-year thank you for being part of The Daily Poster team as a supporting subscriber.

I started this project in early 2020 with a simple idea: I didn’t want to launch just another single-writer blog screaming into the void. I wanted to try to build a grassroots-funded news outlet featuring multiple reporters producing journalism that holds power accountable and makes a real impact. I didn’t know if we could build something sustainable, but I figured it was worth trying because I genuinely believe that we desperately need independent, reader-supported accountability journalism now more than ever.

Eight months later, we are on our way to building the outlet I envisioned — and we absolutely could not be doing it without your support. The resources you are pitching in are allowing us to build a small team of reporters to do the painstaking work of reporting out big stories.

You can probably tell from the detail in our stories that this work takes a lot of time and resources. That’s exactly what your subscription funds, and we so appreciate you helping us spread the word to other potential new subscribers, and you giving gift subscriptions (reminder: our holiday special is still available here — if you give a gift subscription right now, you get an additional free gift subscription to give away).

We’ve been working an unrelenting pace, and so during the holidays we are — for the first time since we launched — going to try to slow down our output. I expect we will still have a few stories between now and the new year (especially with the stimulus fight still playing out). However, if you notice a slight slowdown, it is only because we are trying to take at least a little break to recharge for 2021 so that we are back after New Years’ stronger than ever.

We very much value your feedback — so always feel free to email me or post in the comments, and rest assured that I read it all and try to respond as much as I can.

Thank you again for being part of our team — if we continue this work to grow our subscription base and break big stories, we are going to make an even bigger impact in 2021 and beyond.


Rock the boat,