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This week, a landmark climate report shows that we are living through one of the most perilous moments in human history — and corporate media is protecting the politicians perpetrating this disaster. But at the same time, this week’s resignation of Andrew Cuomo shows how independent media is finally moving into a position to fight back and make real change.

We have a choice: We can obediently accept a status quo of corporate media that aids and abets the corruption threatening our survival, or we can pitch in to build a reader-supported media that holds these monsters accountable and gives us a chance for a better world.

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This week, The Daily Poster’s reporting was widely credited with playing a pivotal role in Cuomo’s ultimate demise. While corporate media was celebrating Cuomo last year, we launched an investigative series showing how he helped his nursing home industry donors hide a COVID massacre as they made big profits. We were attacked and berated for doing this reporting on such a then-popular politician — but the scandal we helped uncover significantly weakened his grip on power.

It’s the same thing you’ve continued to see from us ever since we launched The Daily Poster a year ago. In the last few weeks alone, we exposed House Democrats raking in money from real estate moguls while letting the eviction moratorium expire, we exposed a top White House official potentially profiting off Biden boosting an oil pipeline, and we exposed Republican efforts to cut off survival benefits to the jobless.

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