What can be done to halt the war in Ukraine? What could escalate the situation into a regional war? Can sanctions targeting the assets of Vladimir Putin and his oligarchs effectively deter further incursions by the Russian regime? And can such sanctions work without harming the broader Russian population, which has been protesting against the war?

On Wednesday 3/2 at 7:15 pm ET (4:30 pm PT), The Daily Poster explored these topics and more with three leading experts: Lakshmi Kumar, policy director at Global Financial Integrity; Matt Duss, foreign policy advisor for Sen. Bernie Sanders (Ind.-Vt.); and Adam Tooze, director of Columbia University’s European Institute.

Kumar’s watchdog organization is at the forefront of tracking money laundering and illicit financial flows around the world. Duss, who previously worked at the Center for American Progress and the Foundation for Middle East Peace, has become a key voice in shaping progressive foreign policy. Tooze, an expert on finance and European politics, has been reporting on the financial impacts and energy implications of the Ukraine crisis.

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