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YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Manchin Faces Unexpected Pressure To Support Voting Rights

Jun 12, 2021 Julia Rock
Also: Voters want to tax the rich, and thousands of people are traveling to Minnesota to protest the construction of another oil pipeline.
YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Manchin Faces Unexpected Pressure To Support Voting Rights

In 2019, conservative West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin co-sponsored the “For the People Act,” his party’s landmark voting rights and democracy reform legislation. But sticking with his current plan to be the ultimate political wet blanket, earlier this week he announced he’ll oppose the bill this year because it “has garnered zero Republican support.”

Reform advocates are now working to change Manchin’s mind on the bill — and one of the main people leading the charge happens to have a long history with the West Virginia senator.


• It turns out people like the idea of the rich paying their fair share of taxes.

• A new oil pipeline project faces a growing protest movement.

• Biden is on the verge of notching his “biggest victory for public lands.”

• Senate progressives seem to be learning a lesson from their moderate colleagues.

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