🎧 THE AUDIT: The Climate Change Misinformation Machine (w/ Naomi Klein)

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: A New Wonder Of The Sea

Jan 22, 2022 Walker Bragman
Also: Colorado grocery workers score a win, and no one wants austerity politics.
YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: A New Wonder Of The Sea
(AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

Good things are happening! For starters, we’ve got some really incredible climate news, including a groundbreaking discovery about planetary resilience. We also have exciting labor developments, like a new deal reached between management and striking grocery store workers in Colorado. Finally, it appears that we Americans are smarter than we look, based on a new poll suggesting people realize corporate monopolies are contributing to inflation.

All that and much more in this week’s Weekend Reader, exclusively for paying subscribers.


  • A major newspaper gets real about the climate crisis.
  • A big bank takes a real step towards reaching net-zero emissions.
  • Students are taking the lead on COVID safety.
  • Everybody likes the word “kayfabe.”

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